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Games this weekend 1 and 2 December 2012

Posted by Bears Softball Club on November 28, 2012 at 7:20 AM

Don't forget 10th November rained out games are being played this Sunday 2 December. Fixture information is available on this website under the Fixtures tab or please find below details for this weekend:


Saturday 1 December


A1 - Saints 1 vs Bears 1, Diamond 1, 6pm

A2/3 - Saints 3 vs Bears 2, Diamond 2, 4pm

U17A - Springwood 1 vs Bears 3, Diamond 9, 4pm

B2 - W/Grange 1 vs Bears 4, Diamond 13, 12pm

C2 - W/Grange 3 vs Bears 5, Diamond 15, 4pm

U15A/B - Redsox 7 vs Bears 6, Diamond 2, 9.30am

U13A - W/Grange 4 vs Bears 7, Diamond 14, 8am

TBALL - W/Grange 6 vs Bears 8, Diamond 12, 8.30am

TBALL - Bears/Waratahs 9 vs Redsox 12, Diamond 7, 8.30am


Sunday 2 December


A1 - Bears 1 vs Panthers 1, Diamond 1, 2pm

A1 - Bears 1 vs Saints 1, Diamond 1, 4pm

A2/3 - Panthers 2 vs Bears 2, Diamond 1, 6pm

U17A - Bears 3 vs Panthers 4, Diamond 4, 2pm

U17A - Bears 3 vs Saints 5, Diamond 4, 4pm

B2 - Devils 1 vs Bears 4, Diamond 6, 4pm

C2 - Ramblers 2 vs Bears 5, Diamond 6, 12pm

U15A/B - Redsox 6 vs Bears 6, Diamond 1, 8.30am

U13A - W/Grange 4 vs Bears 7, Diamond 7, 10am

TBALL ** No T-ball on Sunday

Grand Final Day! 10 March 2012

Posted by Bears Softball Club on March 3, 2012 at 11:10 PM

Congratulations to our A1 Black and C2 teams on making the Grand Final for the 2011-12 season.


Our C2 ladies will be playing against Samford at 12.30pm on diamond 4. This will be a tight game as both teams are evenly matched. The ladies have had a fantastic season and will no doubt put as much enjoyment into this game as they have all season.


The A1 Grand Final sees Bears 1 playing for a 3rd consecutive premiership. This year the game is against Saints, on diamond 1 at 3.30pm. If the prelim final is anything to go by, Bears are back in top form and this will be an exciting game to watch.


Before the A1 Grand Final, there is a special presentation being held for someone dear to Bears heart. Daphne Hass, one of our founding members, is being given the honour of having the 3rd base dugout on diamond 1 named after her. This presentation is at 3pm. Come along in your Bears colours as I know Daphne would love to see all the black, orange and white in the grandstand.


Our combined TBall team will play a normal fixture at 8.30am against Redsox on diamond 10, followed at 10am by the U13's playing off against Devils on diamond 7 for a 3rd or 4th final placing. 


The presentation for TBall will be directly after the conclusion of their game under the trees in between diamonds 5 & 6. Presentations for the U13 and U15 teams will be on diamond 1 after the conclusion of the U13 Finals and the U15 Grand Finals. There will be a drink and sausage sizzle provided to the junior players also. Senior presentations will take place on diamond 1 after the A1 Grand Final has been played (and won by BEARS!). 


The atmosphere on this day is very exciting and I encourage each and everyone of you to attend and support your club.


Thank you for a great season and good luck to our girls/ladies playing this Saturday!





Semi Finals (U15) & Prelim Finals - Saturday 3 March

Posted by Bears Softball Club on March 2, 2012 at 4:25 PM

Good luck today teams!

Semi Finals


9.45am - Panthers 6 vs Bears 7, D1


Prelim Finals


1.15pm - If Bears 7 lose will play winner of 3th vs 4th



2.30pm - Bears 6 vs Waratahs 3, D13


Normal Fixtures


8.30am - Bears 8 vs Saints 9, D7



8.30am - Devils/Bears/Waratahs 1 vs Wilston Grange 4, D5

Semi Finals - Saturday 25 February

Posted by Bears Softball Club on February 23, 2012 at 5:40 AM

Semi Final game times are as follows:



3.30pm - Saints 1 vs Bears 1, D1



12.30pm - Bears 5 vs Redsox 4, D4



12.30pm - Bears 6 vs Samford 2, D13



10am - Panthers 6 vs Bears 7, D1


8.30am - Saints 8 vs Bears 8, D10



8.30am - Samford 3 vs Devils/Bears/Waratahs 1, D5


Good luck everyone!


Games - Saturday 18 February

Posted by Bears Softball Club on February 16, 2012 at 7:25 AM

We have come to the last day of fixtures before finals start.


Great work to all! It's been a tough season. 


No A1 games this weekend due to round 4 of the Gilleys Shield. Good luck to all the Bears ladies playing.



2pm - Bears 3 vs Panthers 2, D1 Bears forfeit

4pm - Bears 3 vs Saints 2, D1 Bears forfeit



12pm - Bears 5 vs Saints 5, D4



12pm - Bears 6 vs Waratahs 3, D15

2pm - Bears 6 vs Ramblers 2, D15



10am - Redsox 5 vs Bears 7, D1 Redsox forfeit



8.30am - Bears 8 vs Redsox 7, D7

The U13's will continue playing fixtures until 3 March, then will play off in a final series on 10 March.



8.30am - Redsox 10 vs Devils/Bears/Waratahs 1, D3

TBall games will continue through until 10 March.


Good luck everyone!