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About Us

History of Bears Softball Club

Bears Softball Club was originally founded in 1946 and is the oldest softball club in Queensland if not Australia. The club was founded by the 'Sigg Sisters'. who saw the club as a means of encouraging women and girls to participate in sport after Wold War Two. One of the founding members, now a life member, Daphne Hass O.A.M (nee Sigg) was president of Brisbane Softball Association for 17 years. Daphne is a phenomenal lady who is still involved with Bears, attending Bears events and BSA functions. 

About Bears Softball Club 

Through softball, this club aims to promote team spirit and discipline and provides an avenue for children to learn, grow and mix in a social environment. Our highly experienced coaches aim to provide players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to their fullest potential. Bears is a family club where anyone is welcome. 

Bears Softball Club has a proud history of developing representative softball players from junior development teams through to Queensland, Australian and Olympic players. Our Olympic representatives include: Atlanta Olympians: Kim Cooper, Carolyn Crudginton, and Joyce Lester. Sydney Olympians: Sandra Allen, Simone Morrow and Natalie Shapiro. Beijing Olympians: Jodie Bowering and Kylie Cronk. Of all the players to represent Australia at the Olympics, over 20% have come from Bears. 

Current Australian Representatives:

    - Chelsea Forkin (Aussie Spirit) 

    - Carmelle Sorensen (Aussie Spirit) 

    - Jessica Torpey (Aussie Spirit) 

Current Queensland Representatives 

    - Chelsea Forkin (QLD Heat)

    - Carmelle Sorensen (QLD Heat)

    - Jessica Torpey (QLD Heat)

    - Rebecca Chapman (QLD Heat) 

    - Rebecca McEachern (QLD Heat & U23 Women's Team) 

    - Rebecca McDonnell (U23 Women's Team) 

    - Stephanie Curtis (U23 Women's Team) 

    - Erin Blackmore (U19 Women's Team) 

    - Jayme Redacliff (QLD Heat & U23 Women's Team)