Bears Softball Club

Bears for life!

Meet our Bears A1 Team

Jess Muller 

Positions: First base and outfield. 

Best Softball Memory: Winning the Gilleys Shield in 2008/09 & 2016 as well as winning back to back BSA A grade champions with the mighty Bears. 

Hobbies: Keeping fit, being outdoors and spending my down time with friends. 

The best thing about playing for Bears is: Bears is my family. I've played with the club for 15 consecutive seasons - I love the people, the club culture and the fun we have on and off the diamond. There is no where else I'd rather be than on the diamond with my Bears teammates.

Carmie Sorensen 

Positions: Catcher, 3rd Base 

Hobbies: Training, drinking coffee and drawing

Best Softball Memory: Playing against the Sunstate Wanderers where I made some of my life long friends.

The best thing about playing for Bears is: Cliche but playing with the girls at Bears has always been fun. The management team at Bears are dedicated to their members and players. They employ knowledgable coaches which helps the growth of players and enjoyment of the game.

Chelsea Forkin

Positions: Utility Player 

Best Softball Memory: Winning back to back Gilley's Shields 

Hobbies: Quoting Simpsons with Matt and Rach

The best thing about playing for Bears is: The family atmosphere 

Becky McDonnell 

Positions: 2nd Base & Short Stop 

Best Softball Memory: Winning the Joyce Lester Shield at U23 Nationals in 2016

Hobbies: Belting out Taylor Swift tunes and taking #belfies 

The best thing about playing for Bears is: That there is never a dull moment. There is constant laughter and entertainment on the diamond and in the dugout regardless of the score in the game. Bears truly is a family club.  

Taylah Welch

Positions: Outfield 

Best Softball Memory: Winning the A1 season in 2014 

Hobbies: Googling places to eat 

The best thing about playing for Bears is: It’s a toss up between Monday night Seahawk’s dinners and being apart of the funniest / most talented team in A1.

Rebecca McEachern 

Positions: 3rd base & 1st base 

Best Softball Memory: Competing in the U19 Junior World Series 2015

Hobbies: Going hard on netflix series

The best thing about playing for Bears is: The beautiful family I have now become a member of & its always a good laugh.

Janice Blackman

Positions: Outfield

Hobbies: Reading, drawing and dancing

The best thing about playing for Bears is: Feeling so welcomed, no one is a stranger to you, everyone is friendly, it's a very family club.

Rebecca Chapman 

Positions: Pitcher 

Best Softball Memory: Winning the 2016 U’23’s National Championship.

Hobbies: Hanging out with my 4-legged friends.

The best thing about playing for Bears is: Not only does our whole team turn up to win every week but we have a great laugh along the way.

Rachael Higgins

Positions: Outfield 

Best Softball Memory: Every single Saturday with my Bears family. 

Hobbies: Going to the beach 

The best thing about playing for Bears is: That it's not just a club, it's a family. I get to spend every weekend with a bunch of my best friends.